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Our Affordable Calgary Web team members are full-time web design and development professionals serving the Calgary Metropolitan Region. Our parent company, Affordable Web Design Ltd, now has two locations from which we serve any Canadian business anywhere across Canada.

We offer all kinds of services, from basic web design to stores and more! We also offer domain name registration and yearly website hosting, social media page setup and maintenance if required!

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A lot of websites look alike except for different pictures and text - is that the only choice I have?
Our company prides itself on the fact that we are custom designers who create everything from scratch so that your website will reflect your business brand, your products and/or services, but our prices are most often less than those charged by people who use one-size-fits-all templates that are created by someone else.

Why can't I just build my own website with those free or cheap website builders always being advertised?
Those advertisements you see all the time for "Do it Yourself" websites might sound good, but they oversimplify things and some ads are quite misleading! They are not as easy to work with as the ads make it out to be, and they mostly don't contain the right elements to help you be found through internet searches. You know the importance of working with professionals for your health, your home, your car... a website can be the most powerful advertising tool for your business so it's important to deal with the pros as well.

Are all web designers the same?
No not at all! A lot of people just dabble in it by using one-size-fits-all premade templates and mostly just adding pictures and text as given to them by the client. As full-time professional web designers and developers, we pride ourselves on offering effective websites at the lowest prices we can. We at Affordable Calgary Web specialize in custom designs that are built from scratch, with your products and services in mind. We will only use premade templates such as Wordpress if specifically requested by the client.

Why Choose Affordable Calgary Web?
Affordable Web Design Ltd has been serving Canadian businesses from their Kelowna, BC, location for a great number of years. As long as your web designer understands your market, they can be located anywhere. However we recently opened an office in the Calgary area in order to concentrate on the Calgary and surrounding area markets.

What are your prices like compared to the Calgary area competition?
In the over 26 years we have been in business, we pride ourself on offering the most competitive pricing no matter where you are located. Whether you want a starter website, an effective 10-page website which reflects your products or services, an online store, or any other kind of web development, we are looking forward to designing an affordable website for your Calgary Region business, or any other location as long as you have internet service!

Our team of affordable Calgary professional designers and developers can help you achieve an effective website.