We have several solutions for your online store.

Online Store Solutions


Are you wanting to sell online?

Our affordable Calgary web designers and developers offer different kinds of store technology. Depending on your budget, one of our four " online store packages" will no doubt be just right for you.

Trying to set up the entire store by yourself can be extremely difficult if you are not a professional web designer. We therefore offer different styles of stores which we create for you. Once the overall website is created, then you can go into the "store" part and upload all your product images and information yourself. The store offers administration panels to allow you to maintain your store yourself.

Our parent company, Affordable Web Design Ltd, has created a separate website dedicated to our store solutions. We invite you to visit www.affordablewebstore.com to read all about the different online shopping store solutions we offer.


Your store your way!

Finding the right solution for your business is a very important step! It may sound simple to have your own online store, but it is actually fairly complex because you need to determine a bunch of things before you start:

  • What "fields" do you want in your store- what do you want your customers to see and/or fill out: price, product, description are the most common ones, but do you need more?
  • If you need more, such as different sizes, different products, different colours, etc, you need to plan all of that before you choose the best online store solution for your business and your budget.
  • Wordpress is one of the most popular premade template solutions but again you have a lot to sort out before you even start - what template will work best for you, what are the exact details you need in your store, etc.
  • Do you have the computer skills to deal with a premade template solution such as Wordpress or any of the other premade store technologies out there? Unless you do, they can be quite confusing!
  • Premade solutions may sometimes be the cheapest, but most template solutions will be a lot more restrictive from a functionality point of view than custom-built ones.
  • Then you need to decide which online merchant solution will best suit you - you need to set up Paypal, or Stripe, for example, and then tie it in properly with the rest of your "store" so that online payments will work - again this is not the simplest thing either!
A variety of choices are avaible from our affordable Calgary web team to suit your requirements.

Affordable Calgary Web offers technology to look after your own website content.